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Xyz, Inc is a child Mobile Home Park that capitalizes in offering Mobile Home Park. This business has been operating for nearly four years and targets working parents in Windsor only. John Doe & Associates appears to have captured 50 percent of the Mobile Home Park in the Bertie County area and at this time does not appear to be interested in. Easily write a Mobile Home Park Business Plan, Executive Summary, Business Description, Objectives, Projections, Products and Services, Market Summary, Competitive Advantage, Target Market, Entry Barriers, Management, Organizational Structure, Operations, Online, E-Commerce Plan, Business Risks, Financial Summary using a sample Mobile Home Park Business Plan and free business plan template . AllWatford Mobile Home Park Enterprises is a quality Mobile Home Park, high-energy, Mobile Home Park business. AllWatford Mobile Home Park Enterprises located in Windsor, NC, provides Mobile Home Park to the residents of WindsorCo & Associates from. Description of Products and .

Mobile Home Park Business

Sign up for this week's free webinars hosted by experienced investors or view previously-held webinar recordings in the Archives. The Intention Journal will be your playbook to create the life that you always wanted. Establish time for intentional planning and take back your day! View all Local Real Estate forums. I love this site. The generosity of pros is astounding.

Plus, I like the different opinions that provide different things to think about. Seems the RE agent is rather, shall I say, um, an air head.

So, after we submitted an intent to buy, which was flatly refused with no negotiation, we found a commercial RE agent to represent us. He is wonderful! He was able to get information we couldn't.

That plus what we dug up, gave us a mobile home park business plan picture of what is going on with the place. Plus, we continue to pick up info from locals. There are 8 pads and all are filled. But wait before you think that's good. Only 4 are paying tenants - 2 pay for the lot only and 2 for MH and lot. The others are not rentable and need various degrees of rehabbing.

There are two pieces of property involved in this deal. The whole place is trashed and will take some time and SE to just clean up.

What helps to make the deal sweet is the Public Service Electric Power Plant is in this town and they do a huge amount of contract work and need housing. Plus the town is rent deficient. In addition, it is the next town in line to grow from a bursting metropolitan area. Lots of people are already migrating. So, mobile home park business plan, here are the numbers. We will likely put some cash into the Restaurant and Motel buildings, both sound after getting the Park up and running.

We are looking at selling both or possibly renting out. A few things. There are many possible futures here. Pay mobile home park business plan the present and not the future. If the seller wants the future value then let the seller do the work to get things sorted. I would think you should skip the restaurant. Or just be a landlord and let someone else run a business there if they have the credit to rent from you.

If you want to bring your price up closer to the seller then get very, very favorable loan terms on a seller financed note. Make they wait and only pay out after the cash flow has been established. Zero interest or some other extreme way to show that you do not mind the price if the seller provides free financing, waits for their money, etc. Thanks for your reply. We initially approached the sellers with carrying the note, but absolutely no interest there. Not even partial, mobile home park business plan.

The bank that has the note now has said they will be interested in lending to us. We still need to do a pre app. We definitely mobile home park business plan not interested in running a restaurant and probably not a motel either.

Will either sell or lease buildings. It's basically a waiting game. They aren't getting any other offers. I wonder why???? I have had interst in purchaseing mobile home parks in my area, but have been scared off by many bad stories. Does this park that your looking to purchase have city sewer?

In my area most of the parks are in the rural setting or country where the Environmental people have come in and forced park owners to have septic plants that cost anywhere from thousand dollars. Its either pay this or close your park. I think you are crazy for paying k, like they said present income. With an income ofyou can't even afford the debt service.

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Get the book now. Real Estate Books Shop books covering real estate investing and personal finance. Search Nova. Log In Sign up. Start a Discussion. Hey All, I love this site. Any advice or input will be greatly appreciated. Rotate Log in or sign up to reply. I did not take the time to run the numbers. Check the zoning and other planning issues before assuming you can expand. John Corey. John, Thanks for your reply. Wendell Howard, Erie, Pa. Originally posted by "vblacknall": So, here are the numbers.

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Starting a Mobile Home Park Building Company - Sample Business Plan Template


mobile home park business plan


The beauty of mobile home park business rentals is the low maintenance features it has compared to a regular home rental. It practically is self sufficient. If developing passive income by offering rentals with minimal maintenance attracts you, then starting a mobile home park might be the right business for you. AllWatford Mobile Home Park Enterprises is a quality Mobile Home Park, high-energy, Mobile Home Park business. AllWatford Mobile Home Park Enterprises located in Windsor, NC, provides Mobile Home Park to the residents of WindsorCo & Associates from. Description of Products and . Apr 11,  · Being A Mobile Home Park Owner Is A Big Task. Preparing A Business Plan For A Mobile Home Park Is A Bigger Task. Learn About Effective Ways Of Preparing A Successful Mobile Home Park Business Plan That Will Not Only Lessen Your Stress But Also Attract Mobile Home Residents.