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Related literature and related studies is the information from studies similar to a research study. This gives good background information for the study and highlights existing gaps. Related Literature Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they have graduated from the institution. Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the. Aug 15,  · A literature review is a comprehensive summary of previous research on a topic. The literature review surveys scholarly articles, books, and other sources relevant to a particular area of research. The review should enumerate, describe, summarize, objectively evaluate and clarify this previous habrnesq.tk: Michael Coffta.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. This will also present the synthesis of the art, theoretical and conceptual framework to fully understand the research to be done and lastly the definition of terms for related literature meaning comprehension of the study.

Related Literature Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they have graduated from the institution.

Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the graduates placements and positions in the society which later can be used as a benchmark in producing more qualified and competitive graduates.

In the book Employment and Career Opportunities after Graduation by Arcelo and Sanyal, the existence of a huge number of educated unemployed can lead to a related literature meaning amount of political instability in a country, for they being among the educated class and knowledgeable about the privileges society can offer, feel doubly deprived.

In this matter, the analysis of the unemployment situation in the Philippines shown that the young graduates is still in the job- hunting stage. The book The Philippine Labor Code, related literature meaning, An employer has a right to select his employees and to decide when to engage them.

He has a right under the law to full freedom in employing any person free to related literature meaning employment from him, and this, except as restricted by valid statute or valid contract, at a wage and under conditions agreeable related literature meaning them.

This will distinguish the importance of being employed and the choice in choosing a job that are desired to apply in. The Philippines may go beyond the standing of employment in the country, rights and importance should be understood. As specified in the book of Labor Economics by Cristobal M. Pagoso, related literature meaning state that in view of low literacy rates in rising unemployment in developing countries it has become imperative that greater educational opportunities should be provided for the great proportion of adult population as well as the large number of youth outside the formal school system to help them acquire further knowledge and skill thereby improve their livelihood and strengthen the country.

From the book Contemporary Social Problems and Issues, stated that the educational levels and literacy rates of workers in the Philippines are among the highest in Asia, but technical, manual and managerial are poorly developed and in short supply. There is an over- abundance of college graduates that most especially in Manila area were in the field of education, law and other professionals exceed in demand to find employment appropriate to his educational training.

This is the realization that even college graduates may find it difficult to be employed if they are not well-equipped of trainings and programs that their college had. In the book the Philippine Labor Code by CesAzucena, whenever the public interest requires, the Secretary of Labor may direct all persons or entities within the coverage of this Title related literature meaning submit a report on the status of employment, including job vacancies, details of job requisitions, related literature meaning, separation from job wages, other terms and conditions, and other employment data, related literature meaning.

This will also give awareness to the public to know the standing of the employment in our country. In this study, it helps to develop such skills among the college graduates for them to find or to get an appropriate job. Robert W. On the other hand, people who first begin looking for jobs lack basic information will help the graduates to disseminate the rejection of jobs to higher expectations.

Also, related literature meaning, this will relate to how the graduates progress their career as graduates of the AB Journalism program. Philippine society nowadays has encountered so many problems in terms related literature meaning labor or employment.

In the case of the graduates nowadays, their first problem is seeking job after graduation. Knowingly that it is very hard to find a job suitably to their graduated course right away after graduation that may cause to trigger them to work not aligned to the profession they graduate for their usual reason is the salary that they can get right away.

Some go abroad to find their destiny or for some reason that they will get a high salary than to continue their profession as a Journalist if there is no salary increase.

This study aimed to present a feedback mechanism for the department and college to come up with a more productive, related literature meaning, competitive and effective program for the students. The authors want to show the programs used in providing AB Journalism graduates related literature meaning skills to help them for professional careers, but the program must be open to changes that would effectively lead graduates for a better employment. This research tackles about the tracer study that uses as a method in which is primarily intended to locate graduates of academic institution, past recipient of scholarship grants, former participants and among other situation in order to collect data and update information about this type of people, related literature meaning.

This kind of study is also tool to generate or influence decision making and planning of a certain institution about the development of the curriculum. It is likewise regulating document efficiency and support on the demographic profile of a certain institution that can be measure through the quality of graduates.

Majority of the CPE graduates are males. Based from the findings of the study, related literature meaning, most of the CPE graduates are in the permanent status of employment, related literature meaning. They are employ in the national government with the monthly salary of 10, Php to 15, Php a month. It also focuses on the job position that is also one important factor in employing a job because as graduate of a particular course, the job should go along with the profession that they graduated.

A Job market offers job trainings to equip employers to develop work environment. It is also about to assess the training needs required by the job market that awaits the Related literature meaning English graduates. Also, to analyze if there are qualified to the appropriate jobs that they will be employed.

Raquesa D. Media practitioners are the lowest paid workers and are exploited; some are not receiving regular related literature meaning only allowance or talent fee; and are required to solicit advertisement for their salary. Also, the monthly income they receive and th kind of workplace reaches related literature meaning satisfaction. It is pertinent to the present study since graduates will experience the types of satisfactory on motivation at work and providing good quality of relationship between co-workers.

The researchers find out that when it comes to level of job satisfaction, honor graduates are found to be satisfied with their current job. Furthermore, graduate students expose to real, actual and practical situations such as seminars, workshops and conferences are strategies that may better prepare them for future employment, related literature meaning. Employers believed that applicants who have undergone job training are assumed to be more knowledgeable and production.

Also, they are competent enough in connection to the job for there are respondents who had a problem with their co-workers in terms of their differences in terms of principles and ideas which are expected in an agency.

The proposed study also aimed established to be well equipped, improvement of interests, competency and developing working ability. Nelita M. In the findings of the study found out that, employers prefer specialists rather than generalists and the employers find the graduates effective, efficient and cooperative, related literature meaning.

They also find the graduates knowledgeable, related literature meaning, dependable and resourceful however, related literature meaning, many employers describe UPLB related literature meaning as academically inclined, having a know it-all attitude although with assertive personality. Horine, to support this study. The theory generally states that the success in any system requires more than best efforts and hard work from the administrators, related literature meaning.

People, materials, methods and equipments are the components that form a network in support of common characteristics: purpose, input, process and output J. Horine, 22 Purpose determines the thrust and direction of a system input, on the other hand, related literature meaning, is characterized as the primary element that motivates an action of a system. Meanwhile, processes are the sequences of work stages that transform inputs to outputs and output is what the system produces.

Using the illustration of the Theoretical Framework that can be asserted that the student get lots of experiences during stay in school. Students cultivate their selves to become productive citizens of their community after graduation.

Following this line of thought, if Bicol University succeeds in properly educating the youth who are being enrolled in the different programs especially in the AB Journalism program it serves as an output they will be able to secure a high quality of education for these students, related literature meaning providing better chances for them to land a high paying job, related literature meaning.

By that, it serves as a process for their personality development, for them to have a career that they wanted to become. Good performance of the graduates in their current job has related literature meaning their self-evaluation for what have learned over all during their stay in the school premises, related literature meaning.

Based from the related materials found no study has found out to study on the same topic except for the books that cater to its parts, many have studied about the employment status, job satisfaction and the factors affecting job performances. Gap-bridged by the Study The researchers review of Related Literature and Studies has been made, it was observed that the current studies were focused on the tracer studies of their respective colleges including then tracer studies of the AB Journalism Graduates of the past years in a way of having the general profile of these graduates and also for the school research purposes as well.

It is for the reason that it is the way of bridging the perceived thing in line with the chosen course or field that is suited for them and to be able to enhance the knowledge and skills that can be used as a weapon in searching a right job. The researchers also will find out if the graduates of the batch are employed in an appropriate job for their graduated professions and careers.

We will also find out if these graduates of AB Journalism have the job in connection to media preferences and able to cater it by profession. By the use of the questionnaire and interviews we are going to use, this will make a gap-bridge to the present study. AB Journalism Graduates- In the study, it refers to the Bicol university College o Arts and Letters batches who satisfactory completed the requirements of the four-year course, and they were used as the subject of the study.

Employment Profile- it considers personal qualities as important as academic background, professional skills and previous employment experiences. Demographic Profile- In this study, it refers to the graduates personal profile in terms of age, related literature meaning, gender, civil status, highest educational attainment. Employed- one who currently working at a job including the part time workers. Underemployed- It refers to those related literature meaning have worked not enough to do or not being used to have capacity in a job.

AB Journalism- It is a course or degree which studies about writing news and other forms of mass media, related literature meaning. In this study, it refers to the degree that the Bicol University offers to the students, in which people needs to know that the course has a multi numbers of different job that graduates could acquire after graduation, related literature meaning. In this study, it refers to the way on how the AB Journalism graduates create a good impression about themselves on others which wll help the in looking for a job.

Evaluation- a manner of judging or determining the significance or worth or quality of something to access. Arcelo and Bikas C. Chapter I under Basic Policy, Related literature meaning. Pagoso, Labor economics, p, related literature meaning.

Sanches and Fe B. Doeringer and Michael J. Irwin Inc. Kapunan and Rod P. Campus, related literature meaning, Myra Glor B. Nuyda and Christina Irish V. Bea, Stephanie Related literature meaning V.

Daep, Jirvanni C. Fungo, Alexa Mae M. Lorilla, Jesus C. Miraflor Jr. Muni an Mona Liza N. Belen, PreciosaMariss C. Quiamno and Mary June M. Madriaga and Lenjoy N. Alcovendas and Ma. Christine Joy B. Dominguez and Jayson A. Nursing management a systems approach.


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Literature definition is - writings in prose or verse; especially: writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest. How to use literature in a sentence. A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article. A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including substantive findings, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews are secondary sources, and do not report new or original. Related literature and related studies is the information from studies similar to a research study. This gives good background information for the study and highlights existing gaps.